Rita Ora – How To Be Lonely

“Hun, read the room.”

Tim: “I know!” thinks Rita. “Everyone’s stuck inside at the moment, so I’m going to release a song with a title that suggests it will guide them through that, with helpful tips and instructions. This can’t possibly go wrong.” Oh, wait.

Tom: See, I saw this a few days ago, and thought about sending it to you: but I genuinely just found it a bit too much of a downer.

Tim: Well, that’s just it. Maybe it’s just bad luck – I don’t know how far in advance it’s possible to push back a song’s release, or abandon it altogether, but hun, read the room. It’s a decent track, there’s no doubting that – the melody’s fine, I can remember the chorus after it’s finished, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with the vocals or production.

Tom: Musically, it’s decent: of course it is, it’s a Rita Ora single. The production isn’t going to be anything other than excellent.

Tim: But how many people really want to hear lines like “end up on my own almost every night” and “you could be the one to take me home”?

Tom: Right! There’s actually a lot right with this. And the radio is playing it — I’m not convinced it’s a complete flop.

Tim: Oh, sure – I might be wrong, and it could pick up as the weeks progress. But still, that timing.

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