Rico & Miella – We Are The Lights

“This manages to hit both “different” and “good”, which is a very rare skill indeed.”

Tim: Normally, I hate YouTube’s AutoPlay feature, as I do wth SoundCloud. On the other hand, I absent-mindedly left it on after yesterday’s track, and, well, this arrived. It’s not our usual, what with the duo being based in New York, but have a listen, would you? Just for me.

Tom: I was reminded of “My Heart Is Yours” by that introduction — and then it went in a very different direction.

Tim: Very different indeed, yes – and I think it’s a little bit good, isn’t it? The first verse is (at the very least) as good as your standard dreamy pop dance track, but then even as soon as we get to that vocal pre-chorus, it’s just wonderful, elevating it to a whole other level. The full chorus, when it hits, just sounds so impressive, both the bits with and with the choral vocal.

Tom: Yep, this manages to hit both “different” and “good”, which is a very rare skill indeed.

Tim: And throughout the track, from then on, it really doesn’t put a single foot wrong.

Tom: There’s even a Ministry of Sound-style euphoric build into that final chorus, which somehow manages to not sound cheesy.

Tim: I think, basically, that this is a really, really on point track. I don’t know exactly what genre I’d place in it – it wouldn’t be top of the league in ‘dance’ or ‘pop’ or even ‘dance-pop’ – but it’s sure as hell near the top of whatever genre it might be classified as.

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  1. Thank you guys so much. Reading your comments on We are the Lights just absolutely made my day. This song has been with us a long time. I wrote the vocals at least 6 years ago and we just could never produce the write instrumental to go with it. We even tried as collaborations and almost sold the vocal.

    In the end, proximity heard the vocal and told us try something again. I decided this time to speed it up from its house tempo and that did the trick finally. Tried to go somewhere in-between Arcade Fire and Skrillex if that makes any sense. Im not sure what I would call this genre wise, but we have a few others that we have been working on that have touches of this style.

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