Hedda Mae – What Do You Want From Me

“Okay, new site policy: as of tomorrow, a total ban on videos with VHS filters applied.”

Tim: Okay, new site policy: as of tomorrow, a total ban on videos with VHS filters applied. This here is why.

Tim: Decent enough song, right? Happy and chirpy, though admittedly there’s that godawful middle eight and the lyrics don’t entirely fit with the tone.

Tom: The talky part of the middle eight is genuinely awful, although the recovery back into the final chorus might well be the best part of the song. There are a lot of good things in here! Overall, well, I can see what they were going for.

Tim: But that’s nothing important really because OH GOD that filter.

Tom: Random timecodes in the bottom! A fake “Play” icon that wouldn’t actually appear after the first couple of seconds of playback! Footage degradation that’s way beyond what actually happens on VHS tapes! We get it.

Tim: Like, you’re even showing us from the main camera that the handheld one you’re using is digital! It says HD in big letters! What is this fashion, who first came up with it, and can we shoot them please because GOD. Like, if you really really want us to think this is home footage, stick a red circle and a REC in the corner. Don’t just pointlessly degrade the footage, it adds LITERALLY NOTHING. IT’S SHIT. I HATE YOU. IT MUST STOP. PLEASE.

2 thoughts on “Hedda Mae – What Do You Want From Me”

  1. OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD! I think maybe I find the VHS effect less offensive than yourselves because VHS tapes were only present in my very early years – I’m 20 and haven’t watched a VHS tape in 17 years. Thus, the VHS effect looks absolutely probable and Fine to me. The song itself is Fine too. Nothing special, perfectly fine, the sort of thing I wouldn’t turn off the radio at. That transition at the beginning reminds me way too much of the video for All Star, though. Blimey.

  2. The most important feature of VHS home videos that this is missing is actually the terrible lighting that really drew attention to the framerate and made everything look like a bad soap opera. I know you know what I’m talking about.

    Anyway, is it so hard to find an old VHS-C recorder to use as a prop? My parents have one in the top of the hall closet where it’s been sitting since 2004 when we got our first digital camcorder. If I needed it for something I could go over to their house, walk right to it, take it down and leave, possibly without them even knowing I’d been by. Surely someone on the crew of this video could do much the same? (And while you’ve got it, might as well open a new-old-stock blank tape and film and rip the footage the old fashioned way, yeah?) It doesn’t make up enough of the video to be particularly distracting to me but nonetheless if you’re gonna do something, do it right, yeah?

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