Lesley Roy – Gold

“Seems to me to be having a slight identity crisis.”

Tim: You remember Lesley Roy, she did the single Eurovision entry this year that sounded like a decent pop song. Here’s her follow-up.

Tim: And I am fairly sure that the post-chorus here is exactly what was missing from last week’s Sigala track. It’s the exact same style, but higher pitched and therefore sounding chirpier. Thing is, though, I’m not quite sure how it fits this song, which seems to me to be having a slight identity crisis.

Tom: That implies it has any sort of identity at all. I couldn’t remember a damn thing about it once I’d finished listening, but that might well be because I drifted off into other tabs and other thoughts about three times during it. It’s what Coldplay sound like to people who don’t like Coldplay.

Why do you say identity crisis?

Tim: See, it’s structured like a regular pop song, obviously, and the verses and pre-chorus sound exactly like that as well, with nothing particularly dance-y about them, just a bit of low key stuff before the chorus comes along to cap it off. But then the chorus does come along, and suddenly we get a drum build underneath it, and the focus shifts towards that post-chorus, with a vague sense of “yeah, I know you were looking forward to this bit, but now I’d actually rather you paid attention to what’s coming along in a bit”.

Tom: Right! And if your attention’s being diverted that much…

Tim: And just to clarify, I don’t think either of the bits are bad, at all, as it’s a decent track – I just struggle to know what I’m meant to be paying attention to.

Tom: Whereas I’m having trouble paying attention to any of it. Which is a shame, really, because when I was actively listening I couldn’t really find anything to fault.

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  1. Totally agree with Tom. It’s just…very bland. Holds no focus. Eh. Perfectly fine, nothing specifically wrong, just…eh.

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