New Rules – Emily

“What do you get if you cross McFly with Lewis Capaldi?“

Tom: I’m going to level with you, the first time I saw this, I assumed it was someone called Emily covering Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. Nope. Instead: what do you get if you cross McFly with Lewis Capaldi?

Tim: This, I’m guessing?

Tim: Huh, yeah – not a bad comparison.

Tom: They’ve been around for about a year, and they’re big enough to have a YouTube “artist channel” but not big enough for a Wikipedia article. And their sound is… hmm. “Surprisingly grown-up” is the term that came to mind, but then that’s because my expectations for a group with a name like this are still based on 90s/2000s boy-band sounds and not, for example, The 1975.

Tim: You know, I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve started listening to Radio 1 a lot more recently and so am having them pumped down my ears at least twice daily, but I’ve since become a fair old fan of The 1975 – and yeah, it’s a very similar sound.

Tom: As for the song: well, once you adjust those expectations, it’ll do, won’t it?

Tim: It’ll do nicely.