Samir & Viktor – Vad Sa Du Att Du Hette

“This is the point, it turns out, where I switch over from ‘well, at least that’s endearingly enthusiastic’ to just being grumpy at them.”

Tim: Summer’s here, in theory, so let’s have a dance track from these lads, shall we? Title translates to “what did you say were called?”, to be sung bleary-eyed the morning after.

Tom: Classy.

Tim: As ever, potty language dotted throughout.

Tim: And there it is, an entirely typical Samir & Viktor track.

Tom: This is the point, it turns out, where I switch over from “well, at least that’s endearingly enthusiastic” to just being grumpy at them.

Tim: Will they ever get bored of their schtick, the old pretending-to-sing-but-it’s-basically-drunken-yelling stuck over a dance backing with a bit of brass? Probably not. Does it matter? Absolutely and entirely not.

Tom: The track sounds like a cheap rip-off of Basshunter. The video’s animation looks like an Ikea instruction sheet. The message of the song is LADS LADS LADS. They really are the knock-off cheap version of Jedward, aren’t they?

Tim: God knows I couldn’t listen to an album of the stuff, but getting a new shouty dance track once or twice a year is kind of a tradition, really, and I wouldn’t dream of wanting to stop it.

1 thought on “Samir & Viktor – Vad Sa Du Att Du Hette”

  1. This was fascinating in that I really enjoyed the song but thought it went on for way too long…and then saw it was only 3 minutes. If this song had been 45 seconds long, I’d have loved it. Unfortunately, the shouty Lads Lads Lads Wahay energy is too intense for 3 minutes. It does faintly remind me of ‘Spring Break Anthem’ by The Lonely Island though, which is always a good thing.

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