Sigrid Bernson – Sommaren i City

“Tom, we have an announcement to make.”

Tim: Tom, we have an announcement to make.

Tom: We do. Europlop is approaching ten years old. And after more than 3,000 posts — and more than 3,800 emails back and forth, during which we’ve never changed the subject line — that ten-year anniversary is also the time to bring this to a close. Ten years is an achievement, and I reckon it’s better to go out on a high, while we’ve got something to celebrate.

Tim: Indeed – I think we can say it’s been a fairly good decade musically, even if we did have to struggle to get through dubstep.

Tom: As the old showbiz saying goes, always leave ’em wanting more. So, with that said: one last week of new music?

Tim: Let’s do it. We have, broadly, both been in favour of Sigrid’s previous tracks; here’s her latest, a cover of a track from thirty years ago, and you can probably guess what the title translates to.

Tom: Well, that’s another track I can describe myself as being “broadly in favour of”.

Tim: Good, that, isn’t it? It’s basically a ‘remember that? That was great, any chance of it happening again?’ message, and it pretty much checks all my requirements for an upbeat pop song. Great vocal, yep, Tinkly background with lovely synth patterns, yep. Smooth and catchy melody, yep. Nothing that I want to get rid of, also yep.

Tom: And there’s enough eighties influence left from the original — in that middle eight in particular — that it’s still a competent cover.

Tim: Honestly, got nothing to complain about with this. Hooray!

18 thoughts on “Sigrid Bernson – Sommaren i City”

  1. Oh no! I’m going to miss reading this blog, especially to see an outsider perspective on the songs that don’t travel outside of Scandinavia because of the language-barrier. I think as far as covers go this is almost too safe for me, it’s still a summer classic in Sweden and it hasn’t been changed enough to warrant a cover in my opinion.

    1. Like how ya gonna end Europlop in a year when there wasn’t even a Eurovision, how is that “going out on a high”?

  2. tom you can’t drop this news AND a haircut at the same time you gotta space out the disappointments

  3. I mean, on the one hand, thank you for still being the one blog I bother to read every day. On the other hand, I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms that it’s your decisions whether or not to keep entertaining me every day. ๐Ÿ™‚ And look, turns out that we can muster more than one comment on a post after all…

  4. hey tom remember when you said disappointing so many people at once is emotionally exhausting? get emotionally exhausted

    1. like I get it’s your blog and you didn’t ask for input on what to do with it, but you ARE disappointing a LOT of people

  5. There is no need in complaining, but still, my mood is slightly down.
    So I will listen to Runaway by Aurora and hope that I will forget the loss over a niece piece of music.

  6. Terrific. I start reading Europlop and a month later it gets cancelled. It’s like every good TV show I’ve started in the last five years.

    Thanks anyway, I’ve still got a big archive binge to keep me going for a while. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. tom being involved with this you better binge fast because there’s about even odds he takes it down within a month just like everything else he’s gotten tired of

  7. Tom, you once said to “try to give people something they’ll be nostalgic about”, because “you never know what impression you might be making for the future”.
    I suppose it’s slightly too soon to be nostalgic, but realising precisely that sentiment is what you and Tim have accomplished here. This blog has given me a little bit of light each day, especially when those days have grown increasingly dark.
    When you and Tim started this a decade ago, it would have been impossible to know just how strong an impression you’d be making on someone across the Atlantic, years later. I can assure you, it is strong, and while the absence of this blog will be felt going forward, so will that impression, and so will the nostalgia.
    Thank you for the music. Thank you for the smiles. This is so very painful, but I take comfort knowing you both decided to end on a high. Soon, the nostalgia will return.

    1. Right. That teaches me to leave an “anonymous” comment whilst signed into Google.
      This is embarrassing but the point still stands.

  8. It really upsets me that you’re ending this, but it’s your decision. I’m going to miss this a lot. Thank you for this blog.

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