Tone Damli – If I Can’t Have You

“Just the sort of stuff Tone does quite well, really.”

Tim: We haven’t featured Tone Damli in yeeeears, so let’s correct that. This is, some readers may be relieved to know in advance, absolutely and entirely unlike yesterday’s track.

Tim: Just the sort of stuff Tone does quite well, really – light pop with a nice tinge of country on the side.

Tom: Yep: although that bass-drum heavy percussion is not what I’d expect from a song like this. It almost seems overpowering: this is the sort of song where, if I notice the percussion, the rest of the song isn’t really doing its job.

Tim: To be honest, I’ve not a lot to say about it, beyond “aww, bit of something nice, isn’t it?”, and I’ve mainly thrown it over as a way of calming us all down after yesterday’s track. I think it works for that, no?