Saturday Flashback: Kim Petras – Everybody Dies

“Perhaps a melodramatic choice to send over for our last song, Tim. But I think it’s apt in more subtle ways as well.”

Tim: Well that’s certainly a title.

Tom: Perhaps a melodramatic choice to send over for our last song, Tim. But I think it’s apt in more subtle ways as well. Over the ten years we’ve been doing this, there are only a handful of times I’ve cared enough to download a full album. BWO’s Big Science was the first, ten years ago; and come to think of it, “Kings of Tomorrow” would also be a good song to end on.

Tim: True, actually – a great song from a great band.

Tom: We talked about Kim Petras’s music for the first time back in February; Turn Off The Light has become one of my most-played albums this year since then. Despite its novelty “spooky Hallowe’en” status, and that it’s borderline a concept album, I think it’s proper, really enjoyable pop, from someone with a great voice and a lot of talent.

Tim: I’ve not yet checked out the whole album, but as I said at the time I certainly enjoyed There WIll Be Blood. What’s this one, then?

Tom: The last track on the album: it’s the last dance before the lights come on and everyone goes home.

Tom: I think it sums up exactly the sort of music we were hoping to find when we set this site up, ten years ago. The sort of music you hear randomly on some European radio station. The sort of music that’s catchy and poppy and a bit frowned on by the Serious Music World. The sort of music that can be fun and meaningless if it wants to, and that’s fine, but can reach emotional depth too.

Tim: And very often, the sort of music people hear you playing and ask “what the hell is this?”, but then if you manage to persuade them to give it a go realise they might actually slightly enjoy it. 

Tom: Tim, it’s been a pleasure.

Tim: A pleasure, and an education. 

8 thoughts on “Saturday Flashback: Kim Petras – Everybody Dies”

  1. I’m gonna miss y’all. Thanks for introducing me to some cool new music, and for making me laugh every day. You’re fab.

  2. Thanks for doing this. I really enjoyed reading this and being introduced to new music. Congrats on reaching a decade of this. That’s pretty impressive.

  3. i found this blog like a week ago and was found a lot of nice music reading through the older posts, and as soon as i find it it ends ? :c i’m gonna miss the humor + nice recs guys

    thanks for the reviews and genuine appreciation (something kinda hard to find in music blogs if i’m being honest)

    please stay safe and take care, tim and tom

  4. Hi Tim and Tom,
    From one musicologist to two others, I want to congratulate you on ten years of wonderful music writing. I’ve learned a lot, and discovered new music; isn’t that what great writing about music aims for? From Sibelius to Scooter: Happy New Ears!
    Ed x

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