The Colour Movement – Future Man

Tom went and made a song-writing machine.

Tom: It is cross-promotion time, Tim. You know I try and keep this blog fairly personal – but you know how I’ve got this whole other life going on where I’m making ridiculous things for a TV show?

Tim: Yes…

Tom: Well, we went and made a song-writing machine.

Tim: I see.

Tom: It mashed up lyrics from online chatter and melodies from the last fifty years of pop music, and came out with things that generally made no sense. Occasionally, though, there’d be a spark of genius in there – and one particular spark was taken on by indie band The Colour Movement. They turned an unlistenable mess into… well, into this. And it’s getting a proper single release.

Tim: Well, I guess I’d better give it a shot. And be careful what I say about it.

Tom: And the thing is, I’m not just doing this for the cross-promotion gag. I reckon this is actually quite a good track. It’s a slow builder, sure, but that last chorus is glorious. Am I too biased, though?

Tim: Hmm…video makes no sense, and I’m a bit disappointed my initial belief that it was an octogenarian roller-skater turned out be wrong. As far as the lyrics go – they’re sung in that type of voice that makes it impossible to really hear what they are for a sustained period of time without really trying, which is perhaps a shame.

Tom: My system wrote some of those lyrics. Maybe it’s not too much of a shame.

Tim: Fair enough. As for the music – yeah it’s okay. Glorious might be going a bit far, at least on an initial listen, but quite good I will agree with.

Tom: I’ll settle for that.