2 Blyga Läppar & Drängarna – Iskall öl & Captain Morgan

“Ridiculous, but brilliant.”

Tim: 2 Blyga Läppar are a band that specialise in party-esque tracks; Drängarna are a rock dansband. Right now, they’re singing about ice cold beer and a certain brand of rum. Prediction: you’ll smile.

Tim: And oh, the number of times I’ve pressed play on that since I first heard it.

Tom: I did smile. During that introduction, and during the chorus, and during that soaring guitar solo middle eight. How long has it been since we’ve heard a guitar solo middle eight? And what’s it about? Other than alcohol.

Tim: Well, they’re bored of the system, you see, cycling to work and back every day (like they do in Vietnam), but, as we get to the chorus, it’s the weekend, so come over, party, relax in the sun, drink the aforementioned drinks. We’re offering free spirits and sticks of dynamite, just as long as you’re happy. And boy, am I happy.

Tom: The string section taking the main melody is ridiculous, but brilliant. It’s worth nothing, too, that the modern pop song structure of the last few years — that you have two choruses, one vocal and one instrumental — has now gone back into dansband numbers like this.

Tim: This is, I think the most ludicrous song we’ve featured in a while, just for the beautiful combination of guitar rock, those string like you said, and the utter silly joy that emanates from every single second of it. And I love it. Get me a two song playlist with this and last week’s Drifters track, and I’ll be happy for a good few days.