Lana Del Rey feat. A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti – Summer Bummer

“That is a bloody awful title.”

Tom: That is a bloody awful title.

Tim: Can’t disagree with you there. We’ve previously had Summertime Sadness, with a slight lack of love for the season; big question is whether there’s been any change of heart yet. (Spoilers: no, and this contains strong language throughout.)

Tim: Now, I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually think it was possible for Lana to get any more miserable. And yet, somehow, she manages it. It’s rare for me to welcome the appearance of a guest rapper, as we all know, but at least here it breathes life into the song. The whole thing…I don’t know.

Tom: Well, it’s a style, certainly. And there are some absolutely beautiful moments in here: that piano backing, pretty much all the pre-chorus and the first part of middle eight, and… hmm. Well, not the big parts of the song.

Tim: I don’t know if she regrets painting herself into a corner with the “yeah, I sound miserable, live with it”, but I can’t help thinking it means some songs just don’t work.

The main line “don’t be a bummer babe, be my undercover lover babe” would be fine, if it actually sounded like she wanted him to stop him being a bummer.

Tom: I just sounds wrong every time for me. It’s a silly word in the middle of such a dark song.

Tim: But that’s the thing – lyrically, it’s not dark. Give it the music it deserves, and it’d be fine. As it is, it sounds like she wants him to join her in the bath as she picks up the toaster, and I really don’t think this works.