Adel Tawil feat. Peachy – Tu m’appelles

“Bilingual is novel, sure, but that doesn’t make it a good track.”

Tim: Our reader, Alix, sends this in, the latest from German singer Adel; I can unfortunately tell you nothing about Peachy, as there seem to be a good three or four acts going by that name and I’ve no idea which this is. Still, the song’s French and German, have fun with it.

Tom: I briefly thought that the peaches in the music video were apples, and they were doing a trilingual pun on “m’appelles”, but sadly not.

Tim: Sadly not, no. I like this, a lot. I was initially drawn in by the slight bilingual novelty of it – sure, you might get the odd word of English sprinkled into a foreign track, or Spanish in a Shakira/Enrique/Pitbull/etc middle eight, but outside Eurovision it’s rare to see a song that’s basically half and half. Also, purely on a personal level, I like that they’re both languages I have a vague level of competency with, giving a vague sense of the meaning.

Tom: “Tu m’appelles”, it turns out, just starts to irritate me when it’s repeated this much in what I assume are two separate accents. Bilingual is novel, sure, but that doesn’t make it a good track. Why do you like it?

Tim: I think it’s just a fairly enjoyable track – it’s catchy, it’s got a good melody, a fun and entirely not irritating lyric video, and all in all I do like it.

Tom: I’m just not sold on it. I think it’s a combination of the chord progression and the ominous brass synths that sound like they’ve been taken from a discount movie trailer.

Tim: Harsh. And admittedly I’m not sure it’ll fit on my regular playlist, mind, but it’s good to hear.