Alida – Cool With It

“I like it a lot, because it’s good at what it’s doing.”

Tim: Alida’s been around for a while, though we’ve never featured her before. Here’s a track which, I’ll warn you in advance so you don’t have any hopes dashed, does not come with a massive drop into the chorus.

Tom: I’m disappointed already.

Tim: Well, to make up for it, have a lyric video with an entirely unapologetic lack of syllabic consistency.

Tim: Here, you see, I have no issues with the instrumental chorus being quieter like it is. The focus is on the vocals, particularly in the latter part of the verses, and underneath them is a constant fairly pleasant rhythmic beat.

Tom: I agree with you, and I see what Alida’s aiming for, but I can’t help just really wanting a remix. There are a lot of good parts in here, it just doesn’t quite gel for me.

Tim: Entirely understandable, as I’ll appreciate that this is entirely subjective – if that style’s not your thing, you’ll have no time for that chorus whatsoever. On the other hand, I like it a lot, because it’s good at what it’s doing. Well, right now, anyway. If I come back across it a week from now I might not have any time for it whatsoever, because I can easily see myself at some point getting bored and switching it off. But right now I’m good with it, so HOORAY.