Bob Sinclar feat. Robbie Williams – Electrico Romantico

“Fingers crossed.”

Tom: You know that thing when you see that two artists are collaborating, and you think “this is either going to be really good or really bad”?

Tim: Frequently.

Tom: Well, look: this is either a track that combines “Let Me Entertain You” and “Love Generation”, or it’s a track that combines “Rudebox” with literally any song Bob Sinclar has made since Love Generation.

Tim: Fingers crossed.

Tom: Unlucky.

Tim: Nice first few seconds, though.

Bob Sinclar – Someone Who Needs Me

“There is literally not a single moment to get excited about.”

Tom: Occasionally, you get a remix that massively improves on the original, or at least rewrites it into something that’s different and still good. And sometimes, you get… well, you get this. Heads up: this is from a mix podcast, so it’s got some DJ announcements over the top of it. However, I don’t think they’ll massively change your opinion.

Tim: No. No, it doesn’t change my opinion at all.

Tom: He’s just repeating one line over his own instrumentation. It’s not even particularly good instrumentation. Is that all he could license? Was he just lazy? Or did he think that was enough to make a three minute record with? The original is so good, and this… this is just a bit dull.

Tim: There are just no big moments at all – you’ve got that quiet bit, building up to something, and you’ve got that build later on, but each time it just leads to…nothing. Nothing more, nothing less than exactly what was there before. You’re right – it’s dull, as there is literally not a single moment to get excited about.

Tom: And before you think I’m just being staid because I’m a fan of the original: this type of track can absolutely be done well — look at Kygo’s Take On Me, for example, or Sigala’s Easy Love. Both brilliant. Both feel like they’ve had effort put into them. This doesn’t.

Tim: It’s an eight-bar loop with a similar length vocal line. There is basically nothing here at all.