Hot Shade feat. Cal – Don’t Give Up On Me

“That’s not a random session singer, that’s someone who – hopefully – is going places.”

Tim: Hot Shade is American, Cal is Norwegian, and while I don’t want to set false expectations, I think this is one of the best dance tracks I’ve heard in quite some time.

Tim: There is, after all, a lot of good stuff on there. Vocal is perfectly decent, that light piano under the verse sounds absolutely lovely, before descending into fuller piano dance under the sung chorus.

Tom: Where do I know that voice from? That sounds like a combination of Sia and Rihanna, and I know that’s high praise, but seriously, that is a brilliant voice that I’m sure I’ve heard somewhere before. That’s not a random session singer, that’s someone who — hopefully — is going places.

Tim: After that, well, that instrumental bit is really good indeed, and I don’t know if it is different or just seems different, but the second time round it’s even better. No crashing drum beats or anything too bombastic, but just a really good melody, really well produced. And that’s all I need.

Tom: I think you definitely set expectations too high calling it “one of the best dance tracks”, because — while I’m at least convinced that it’s a good track — I’m a lot less sure that it’s a good dance track. But that’s a minor quibble: this is good.

Tim: There’s one thing I do want, though: a middle eight. Of course I do, I always do, but I guessed I missed the e-mail that outlawed them. OH WELL.

Temmpo feat. Cal – I Know

“I have decided that I am currently mostly on board.”

Tim: Temmpo (not sure why the two ‘m’s) is Australian, Cal is an alter ego of the Norwegian singer Frida Amundsen, who’s been going a while and apparently wants a different name for any feat. stuff, which is fine by me.

Tom: Oh, that’s a clever transition effect in the video. I know it’s probably just an out-of-the-box plugin effect I haven’t seen yet, and it’ll date very quickly, but it’s still a clever effect. Er, anyway, yes, the music.

Tim: Yes, and it’s not half bad, is it? Unlike yesterday, it is entirely typical for the 2016/17 season, with its verse, vocal chorus and instrumental chorus, along with all the current synth patches, and it sounds perfectly decent for it.

Tom: Mmm. I’m just not yet convinced by either instrumental choruses or this year’s choice of synth patches.

Tim: Well actually, regarding those, I have decided that I am currently mostly on board with them. They’ve taken a while for the sound to get me, but by and large I think I’m there. And with a tune like this, it’s hard to argue against them, really. Much as they frequently seem fairly discordant and tuneless, here they work well to form a melody and I like that, so I’d like to thank the pair of them for introducing me to that possibility. I’m on board.

Tom: It’s just a shame the song’s only OK.