Christopher – Irony


“Can you see the irony?” asks Christopher here in the chorus, or a variety of situations. More important to us, though, is has he done an Alanis Morissette?

Hmm, well, it works some of the time and the video’s good fun, so I’ll let him have it. It does sometimes annoy me with anecdotal lyrics like this, because so often I just want to yell “DIDN’T HAPPEN” at the screen – has he really decided he will never again let his mum see him in a T-shirt (and Selena, did you really have a dream you were sipping whisky neat?)- but again, I’ll give it a pass, mostly because I just really like this song. It’s got a lovely melody, the instrumentation’s a lovely mix of tinkly piano and beautiful strings, and best of all I can actually remember it after it’s finished. Lovely.

Christopher – Free Fall

“Too glitchy, too much faffing about”

Tim: Tom, I might as well be honest with you and our reader: there does seem to be something of a dearth of fully enjoyable music around at the moment, or at least enjoyable music where the artist has been kind enough to put on YouTube.

Tom: January is always a rough period, or so it seems, but this really does seem to be worse than usual.

Tim: With those expectations set, here’s a track that’s mostly alright.

Tom: Oh, great, deliberate digital glitching in a music video. As for the music…

Tim: Well, there’s quite a lot of good stuff in there, with a good melody and very good vocals.

Tom: Yes, I can’t fault those vocals. It’s just a shame they haven’t been put to something that’s a bit more memorable.

Tim: Yes, and there’s also quite a bit that stylistically I’m really not keen on – most of what follows the middle eight, for starters. But despite being largely built on that style, I like this song.

Tom: I dislike it for the same reason I dislike the music video: it’s too glitchy, too much faffing about, and not enough actual melody or… well, anything.

Tim: Cut it off at the end of the middle eight (which really does have some great vocal work in it) and I’d be very happy with this. As it is: it’ll keep me going.