Clara Mae – Unmiss You

“This song has, comfortably, the most awful lyrics we’ve featured in a long time.”

Tim: This song has, comfortably, the most awful lyrics we’ve featured in a long time, and I’m assuming you’re already annoyed by them.

Tom: And comparing them to Fletcher’s Undrunk, which I could have sworn we talked about at some point, but apparently not.

Tim: However, I would like you to (at least) try to let them go and just listen to the music.

Tim: Okay so here’s the thing: that’s a good chorus. The verses, sure, they’re fine enough, but the backing and energy that comes along in the chorus really could elevate this song to a higher level.

Tom: Except?

Tim: Except, well, there’s that ‘could’ there, rather than ‘does’. Because GOD, those lyrics. I know normally I’m able to ignore things like this, and that of the two of us I’m less likely to find them annoying, but DAMMIT, they’re just atrocious, and also so pervasive.

Tom: I was almost disagreeing with you — almost — until the words “a hundred of reasons”.

Tim: If it was just one line in the chorus, I might have a better shot. But no – it’s every single line there, and I just can’t get past it. And that really, really sucks. Because it should be a good chorus.

Galavant feat. Clara Mae – Parachute

I really don’t think I could dance to that at all.

Tim: Readers, Tom is currently off swanning around in the arctic circle, because that’s the sort of thing he does; in the meantime, temporary recruit Adam is here to fill in. Say hello Adam!

Adam: Hello Adam!

Okay, now I’ve got that seriously bad dad joke out of the way–

Tim: I’d be disappointed if you hadn’t made it, to be honest.

Adam: –we can actually get to know each other.

My name’s Adam, I’m 27 years old and I’m a serial underachiever. Basically I’m no Tom Scott, so go easy on me.

My only exposure to Europop has been (drunkenly) watching Eurovision. I do like to call myself a musician though so maybe I can bring something to the table.

Tim: Adam, you won’t know this, but we featured Galavant just a couple of weeks ago; They’re a pair of Swedish producers who’ve now roped in the similarly Swedish Clara Mae, who presumably has a surname but it seems we’re not destined to know it,

Adam: I’ve done my research!!! I listened to Make Me Feel and I definitely think this has more on offer.

Never heard of Clara Mae before.

Tim: Me neither, as it happens, and I can’t find out much about her, sorry.

I feel like you need to be a bonafide star to be known on first-name basis.

Tim: Oh, you’d be surprised. I’m not sure how much I like that. Last time Tom criticised Galavant a bit for going nuts on the volume slider, with the instrumental chorus line going up/down/up/down/up/down several times a second.

Adam: Nowadays you can’t complain when an artist tries to make things a little more dynamic.

Tim: Oh, he wasn’t – that styles’s almost a cliché now – but to be honest I’ve come round to in a lot. Here, in contrast, they’re just on/off/on/off, and I really don’t think that works at all. It’s just way too staccato, and I really don’t think I could dance to that at all.

Adam: I’ve seen you dance. What did we say? “It’s like having a seizure in time to the music”.

Tim: Yes, but it just stops too much. A shame, because the rest of it’s good – she’s got a perfectly decent vocal, the melody’s fine – just that chorus production.

Adam: Nooo! I think the chorus is it’s redeeming factor. There’s no real hook but at least the chorus has some movement to it.

Tim: First track, first disagreement. I think we’ll got on just fine.