Cover Drive feat. Dappy – Explode

“Now now, don’t be so negative.”

Tom: I assume, sometimes incorrectly, that any track with Dappy on it is going to be bad. It’s the hats, the look, and the name that sounds like a reject from the Seven Dwarves.

Tim: Now now, don’t be so negative. We liked Rockstar, and I quite liked No Regrets. Although there is his current track Come With Me, which I’m not even going to link to, and you’re right, he is a bit of a tit, so we’ll see.

Tom: And despite not particularly rating Cover Drive’s number 1 from earlier in the year, I’m willing to give this a chance.

Tom: …well, consider that chance blown.

Tim: Hmm…yeah.

Tom: It’s not a bad track, by any means – Cover Drive’s section is pretty damn good, for my money, and it’s a decent fusion of Barbadian music and regular pop that manages to somehow steer clear of sounding too much like Peter Andre.

Tim: I can sort of agree with that – can’t really get with it myself but okay.

Tom: But then Dappy comes back in. He’s back to stereotypical form rather than the quite-clever, decent-singer that we heard in Rockstar. It’s over quite quickly, I suppose, but that’s small comfort. Without him, it’d be a decent track: but with him, man, I don’t want to hear this again.

Tim: I’ll pass it throughout, but you’re right – he does lower the tone. But maybe he has good periods and bad periods – this is a low, but six months from now he might be vaguely good. Possibly.