Saturday Flashback: Dario G – Cry

“All the positives, really.”

Tim: I said on Wednesday that his new one, Hola, came somewhat of the blue; a little more digging revealed that’s not quite true, actually, as he also brought this out back last September.

Tim: It is, if anything, even more textbook Dario G than Hola was, with the whispering and those operatic vocals, and you know what? I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. Yes, it’s 99% plain and simple nostalgia, but damn it’s a good sound.

Tom: I mean, it’s not Sunchyme, and I’d argue that it’s not even quite as good as Hola. But when it gets half way through and you start hearing what’s basically the same extended long-build that was used twenty years ago? Sure, it’ll do.

Tim: It’s nice and pleasant and summery and relaxing and joyful and beachy and wonderful and, well, all the positives, really. Given all that, you may be asking if there’s an album on the way.

Tom: I wasn’t, but sure, for the purposes of this I will.

Tim: Good, because I got in touch and asked him: apparently he’s “toying with the idea”, so that’s nice. In the meantime, you’ve also got Savour The Miracle Of Life from February to enjoy as well.

Dario G – Hola


Tim: Yep, Dario G – did Sunmachine, Carnaval de Paris, Dream To Me and maybe a few others way back when we were youngsters.

Tom: Not to mention a really good track on the Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds remix album. Yes, that’s a thing.

Tim: Huh, never knew. Also, now there’s this, somewhat out of the blue, because why not?

Tom: Well, I like that. I like that a lot. Why do I like that so much?

Tim: I mean, potentially because it sounds like it could be straight off an album from the then-trio twenty years ago. Some people might argue, mind, that if you’re coming back after a couple of decades you could maybe update your sound a bit.

Tom: That’s fair. This hits a lot of nostalgic parts of my brain. When I stop to think about it, I’m really not sure about basically the entire middle third of it: that chopping-and-stuttering effect doesn’t work for me. But if I don’t stop to think about it: it’s DARIO G AND IT SOUNDS LIKE DARIO G YES I’M GOING TO START BOUNCING AT MY DESK NOW.

Tim: That absolutely makes sense. After all, Busted updated their sound for the third album and it was garbage, then went back to the normal stuff for the fourth and it was excellent, so what do some people know? This is nice. It is, basically, a tune that could have been released by Dario G twenty years, and we’d all have been very happy with. Good shout, then – why mix with a winning formula?

Dario G & Dame Shirley Bassey – We Got Music

“I’m literally having trouble coping with it.”

Tom: What? No, really, what?

Tim: Oh, you read that right – Dario G, him off summery dance tunes and official football songs, and Dame Shirley Bassey, her off James Bond films, orchestras and the olden days.

Tom: To be fair, “Sunchyme” counts as the olden days now.

Tom: My face is contorting as I listen to that — not because it’s bad, but because it’s absolutely bewildering. I mean, it’s exactly what I’d expect: it’s a standard 90s-style Dario G summer track, only with Dame Shirley Bassey. I’m not exaggerating one bit here: I’m literally having trouble coping with it.

Tim: In an interview with Wales Online (obviously), the formerly trio but now solo Dario, known to his mum at Paul, says it was “unreal at times, but she’s human like the rest of us”, which is good to know. It’s interesting how iconic a voice hers is – in a genre filled with anonymous female vocalists, it’s great how there are some voices that just stand out a unique, especially in that middle eight.

And also in a genre filled with anonymous female vocalists, I love how one guy thought “sod that lark, I want to work with Dame Shirley Bassey” and then just did.

Tom: Plus, she was up for doing it! That’s just as much of a surprise.

Tim: Gives hope to us all, really.