Dream Lake – World of Dreams

“Music to brighten up an otherwise aurally dull room”

Tim: 100 Songs, a reliably excellent label, having previously brought us such wonders as Amazing and Wasting Water (which incidentally I remembered this morning and listened to it a full twelve times, because I’d forgotten how incredible it is), seem to have been a bit more successful than they originally predicted; here’s number 106.

Tom: Oh, that introduction is wonderful. The track isn’t the typical kind of thing I listen to, mind, but that introduction was fantastic. After that…

Tim: Well, if you don’t remember Dream Lake, they’re the Swedish act you described as “soft and fluffy” last July; it’s tempting, and not particularly inaccurate, to say that they’ve found a formula and are very happy with it. I have no trouble with that, though, because I’m very happy with it too.

Tom: Yep, and I stand by that description. It’s not going to stand out for me, but it’s not going to annoy me either.

Tim: I tell you what this is: it’s background music. Sure, you can sit and pay attention to it, but you may find your mind wandering (or at least I did; apologies to the members of Dream Lake if I’ve inadvertently insulted their work). Instead, it’s music to listen to while you’re on other stuff, browsing the Twitter or something, there to brighten up an otherwise aurally dull room, and to create a wonderful surprise moment at 2:49.

Tom: Which is basically what happened to me.

Tim: Also a disappointing moment at 3:42, but another happy moment when you press the play button again.

Dream Lake – Let Us Stay In The Light

“”Soft and fluffy” is my criteria for a pillow, not for a song.”

Tim: Tom, stop what you’re doing, push play, sit back and close your eyes.

Tom: This had better not start screaming death metal at me ninety seconds in.

Tim: Don’t worry, just relax.

Tim: And isn’t that lovely? Actually, I don’t really know why I wrote that as a question, because it is.

Tom: Well, yes, but “soft and fluffy” is my criteria for a pillow, not for a song. And even then, it’s possible to be too soft and fluffy.

Tim: Lovely, wonderful, dreamy synthpop, with gentle piano, easy drumbeat, vocals that sound like they’re coming from some higher plane, video that’s not out yet but going by this teaser for it will be along the same lines. It’s just all wonderful.

Tom: This sounds a bit like…

Tim: Relaxing, charming, dreamy dreamy dreamy I WANT MORE STUFF FROM SOUND OF ARROWS.

Tom: …and there it is.