Drew – Perfect Disaster

“It’s not bad! It’s not spectacular either.”

Tim: Drew (no surname provided) is from Denmark, and brings us this as her second release; fairly sure you’ll like it, so do yourself a favour and press play, yeah?

Tom: Bold claim.

Tim: Pretty excellent piece of pop right there, I’d say.

Tom: It’s not bad! It’s not spectacular either. Why do you like it so much?

Tim: The production from the very off says “yep, we know what we’re doing, you don’t need to worry”, and the rest of the song entirely confirms that. I’m a big fan in particular of the repeated saster-saster-saster, which sounds pleasingly like it’s being sung rather than copied and pasted, always a nice thing.

Tom: See, that doesn’t really work for me. Pre-chorus and first bit of the chorus? Sure, I can get behind that. But the rest of it just doesn’t quite land for me: it sounds like a middle-of-the-table Eurovision track, nothing really standing out enough to set it apart.

Tim: Ooh, that’s harsh. I do wonder about Drew’s understanding of Russian roulette, what with a confusing mix of five bullets and putting money on red, but never mind, as the rest of the lyrics roughly make sense. The rest of everything is good, actually – yep, all good.