Ed Sheeran – Bibia Be Ye Ye

“They might not be your typical Ghanaian issues.“

Tom: Oh, no, no, you’ve picked an Ed Sheeran song. Now I have to deliberately listen to an Ed Sheeran song.

Tim: Now now, open mind please. Ed proudly stated at the beginning of the year that ÷ contained music of a wide range of genres and influences, having spent six months travelling the world – we’ve already seen tropical pop, standard guitar pop and traditional Irish, and now that Despacito has in just seven months broken the all time record for YouTube plays, he reckons it’s time to give the summer foreign one a push.

Tom: Now, not only have I deliberately listened to an Ed Sheeran song, but I’ve found it not completely objectionable. I am not happy with today.

Tim: Please Tom, remember that we have a very strict “no such thing as a guilty pleasure” rule here. My cynicism from earlier was probably unfair, actually, or at least wrongly reasoned – it was more likely chosen because it’s revealed itself as a fan favourite (not something I’d considered previously about putting your whole album out at once – you can see which tracks people love and focus on those, rather than guessing).

Tom: You can also force the charts company to change their rules.

Tim: Well that’s a rant I’ll save for another day. And it’s a good video as well, not least because it’s all about folks in Ghana rather than him (title means All Will Be Well), even if the lyrics about throwing up hungover in a taxi and leaving shoes by an oak tree might not be your typical Ghanaian issues.

Tom: I was wondering about that.

Tim: I don’t know, maybe it is culturally way off lyrically, but it sounds good to me. I’ll take it.

Ed Sheeran – Sing

“He’s literally ripping off Timberlake’s style.”

Tom: Oh, no, really? We’re doing this?

Tim: Yes, but there’s a reason: said you, yesterday, on Nico & Vinz’s potential to be a hit: “If Ed Bloody Sheeran can manage it, these guys can.” And yes, he can. But actually, his current track is, in a surprise move, not completely shit.

Tim: I mean it’s still not particularly my cup of Horlicks, but it’s more Timberlake than slumber-make (yes, it works) we became accustomed to on the last album, and rather deserving of the number 1 position it scored last week.

Tom: That’s because he’s literally ripping off Timberlake’s style. 808-alike percussion, Doobie Brothers-alike guitar, falsetto oh-oh-ohs, half-singing half-rapping bit.

Tim: He is copying the style, yes, and it gives that something that, much as I’d like to, I still can’t quite describe.

Tom: That “something” is “Justin Timberlake”.

Tim: And as for the video? Well, a vomiting Ed Sheeran puppet isn’t the first thing I wanted to see, but at least it has Beats headphones in it, as every video is apparently legally required to. So that’s nice.

Tom: Oh crikey. Just imagine where the puppeteer is during all those shots.