“Emil is apparently a big fan of shouty capital letters.”

Tim: Formerly a member of the short-lived A*Base, Emil is apparently a big fan of shouty capital letters.

Tom: I dislike him immediately.

Tim: Which is peculiar because the rest of the song is really entirely lovely and not shouty at all.

Tom: Oh. You’re right, that’s really nice. It got me from the introduction, which is rare.

Tim: And that’s a nice piece of promo for the Lion King remake that’s out in a couple of weeks, isn’t it?

Tom: Eh?

Tim: It’s a little unfortunate that the underlying opening bits of each verse reminds me of I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, I suppose, but other than that (and perhaps because of that, to an extent), this sounds absolutely lovely for a nice sunny weekend.

Tom: I genuinely can’t hear that, which is weird because normally my brain works in overdrive to find those sorts of connections.

Tim: It’s the second song in three days with a nonsensical title, and this time I can’t find anything already in existence; I’m reliably informed that the lyrics imply it’s just a sort of nice snuggly feeling he gets when he gets up close and personal, how sweet.

Tom: I’m not generally on board with just inventing a nonsense word and writing a song about it, but… well, like you said, the result is entirely lovely.