EMMA – Animals

“Just because I remember it doesn’t mean I like it.”

Tim: We started with the single chorus; a few years back the two part chorus; now, from Norway, a song with basically no verses and instead a three part chorus.

Tim: So of those three distinct sections, we’ve one that is downright irritating, one that immediately brings an “oooooh” feeling, and one that brings an “OOOOOOH” feeling.

Tom: One of which also gets — for the second time — a “wait, isn’t that Marina and the Diamonds” feeling. But yes, three bits, each somewhat better than the last.

Tim: I guess that’s pretty much in the right sort of order, but it does very much leave me wondering why, for the repeat ending, they chose to go with the vocals from the crap bit. Because let’s face it, forty seconds of “Animals. We are [doing stuff] like animals.” is so god damn tedious, it really is. And honestly: it makes me dislike the song on a second hearing.

Tom: It’s also the only bit of it I can remember after one listen — but just because I remember it doesn’t mean I like it.

Tim: It really, really grates on me, and I don’t like that. Which is a shame, because I really do like the second part, and most of the third part. Just…aaaargh, that section is painful.