Saturday Flashback: Euroband – Fullkomið Líf

“I just got to that high-pitched bit in the middle eight and it completely distracted me”

Tim: So, here’s a fun thing I discovered when coming up with suggestion for the new work Pride-themed playlist – was looking at This Is My Life, stone cold banger from Eurovision 2008, and turns out: there’s an Icelandic version as well! It was performed at their national selection, and…it’s different.

Tom: Solid “2000s daytime TV game show” vibes from that introduction, there. Actually, from the instrumentation through most of it. You’re right that it’s different, though.

Tim: Isn’t it just? It’s not just the instruments, and basically genre change, though – the lyrics are something very different. If you want to go back and hear the English version for yourself I won’t blame you, but the lyrics are, basically, I AM GAY LIVE WITH IT. Yes, there are other interpretations, but put it up at Eurovision with that backing, those outfits and the lines like “I spent my days in vain just waiting / for happiness to come my way” and “There’s no denying all the heartaches”, followed by “I opened my eyes, finally I realised” and then the massive THIS IS MY LIFE I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE A THING, and you might as well put out a parade of rainbow flags on stage.

Tom: I suspect, from the way you’re leading into this, that this isn’t quite– sorry, I just got to that high-pitched bit in the middle eight and it completely distracted me — the Icelandic one isn’t the same?

Tim: No – in fact, it’s almost entirely different: the title translates to Perfect Life, and the lyrics are not really alike at all. They’re singing to a person, chatting about how a perfect life will arrive once they’re here, and it’s really just a basic love song. And that makes me wonder what the plan was: was it originally written as a big gay anthem before being toned down for a domestic audience to vote for, or written like this and then beefed up for Europe? Either way, though, I know which version I’m sticking with.

Saturday Flashback: Euroband – This Is My Life

“He’s like Neil Patrick Harris done in Lego.”

Tim: Last week, Hera took centre stage trying to be at Eurovision 2009; this week, she’s at Eurovision 2008, but as the centre-left backing singer. The lead male, by the way, is apparently not Neil Patrick Harris, but I’m not sure.

Tom: You’re not wrong, he’s like Neil Patrick Harris done in Lego. And yet again, I’d have placed this a good decade earlier than it actually appeared.

Tim: I think I may be on a late-’00s Eurodance high right now, because damn, will it ever make a resurgence? I do hope so, because it was a lot of fun while it lasted. The number of wonky and spinning-out camera shots in here alone sells it for me.

Tom: Full marks for him for a convincing dive out of the way of the steadicam, too.

Tim: All in all, a very fun track; came mid-table in the end, in the same year we came dead last with that god-awful Andy Abrahams track, which I’m not even going to link to because I don’t want to be responsible for you hearing it. Basically, we should be Iceland.