FEELS – Gates

“A large part of this is lovely to listen to.”

Tim: Now, I realise this is a terrible indication of how this song might otherwise be reviewed, but: maybe ignore the first thirty seconds of this, or possibly even the first 45.

Tom: Why do you say that? I really like that opening.

Tim: Really? Because how I see it is that a large part of this is lovely to listen to. That underlying bassline, though, is remarkably unpleasant, and it’s really such a massive shame.

Tom: How strange: it’s not often that we come across something that you find grating and I don’t. That bassline really works with me: it’s ominous yet promising.

Tim: See, I just straight out don’t like it. So much of this is just lovely to sit back and listen to – start at 2:35, it’s just gorgeous. It may be almost 5 minutes long, but if it were all like that, I wouldn’t even have a problem with that. But argh, that grating line is just horrible when there’s nothing on top of it. WHY.

Tom: I think it does outstay its welcome a bit — it could use trimming some of the fat — but I just don’t think there’s anything wrong. And particularly not with that bassline.