Saturday Flashback: Frankmusik – Confusion Girl

Tim: Glorious Pop Middle Eights is an interesting theme for a playlist, but alas we are not privy to the whims and workings of the Apple Music people who served it up to me; nevertheless, this song was on there and I was reminded how flipping brilliant it is.

Tom: That… was there a middle eight in there? Because that doesn’t deserve to be on that playlist.

Tim: No, and to be honest, a lot of them don’t – certainly not when compared to some we’ve seen, but regardless of that: well, this is flipping brilliant, all of it.

Tom: You really think so? It left me cold: it’s a bog-standard indie-pop track, with not much to recommend it.

Tim: Oh, really? It’s just got so much to it – I think it’s almost the pitch of the lyrics more than anything. He’s got Donkeyboy style vocals going on, but with so much more joy to them.

Admittedly I had to look up the lyrics to work out what he was singing in the “part of her game” bit, but with the music, the lyrics when you work them out, and the Holly Valance in the video because why not, it’s just happy and great and joyous and everything. LOVE IT.

Tom: Side note: you know when TV shows do flashback episodes set in the ’80s, and it’s really easy to make everyone’s hair big so it looks suitably retro? Imagine how much trouble they’re going to have for flashbacks set in the ’10s. Good luck faking an undercut.

Tim: Also, he’s got a new album out in October, so look out for that why don’t you.

Saturday Flashback: Frankmusik – Map

I have found myself yelling it out, apropos of nothing at all.

Tim: Another track off the previously mentioned Poptronik compilation, from February of this year.

Tim: The chorus is fantastic. Isn’t it? Yes, it is. Since I first heard it, I have found myself yelling it out, apropos of nothing at all, just because the vocal on it is so loud and passionate that it’s just great.

Tom: What’s startling to me is not just the strength of the vocal, but that it’s able to compete with — and come out on top of — all the other loud, busy, thumping instrumental bits that are going on at the same time.

Tim: Well, there’s that as well. And you know, for the first time ever, I slightly understand what people mean when they say it’s good for an artist to write their own tracks. Obviously I still don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with not doing, because as I’ve said before songwriting and singing are two completely different skill sets, and it still annoys me when bands say they want to write their own stuff just to be ‘authentic’.

Tom: Let’s be fair, though, singer-songwriters rake in the cash. Authenticity may not be their first priority.

Tim: A good point. But even so, here I really get the feeling that the singing and feeling comes from deep down, rather than singing words off a page, and it works so so well.