Gareth Emery feat. Annabel – You’ll Be OK

“Cor, blimey – that has cheered me RIGHT UP.”

Tom: This takes a long time to get going, and I suspect it goes in a direction you won’t expect.

Tim: Cor, blimey – I’ve been feeling miserable recently, because obviously, but that has cheered me RIGHT UP. Yep, I did not expect that.

Tom: Full-on trance, to the point where his new album is called “THE LASERS”.

Tim: And without even hearing a single one of his other tracks, I’m already looking forward to it. Surprised you like it, though, what the chilled house style first half that’s more my sort of thing.

Tom: I don’t think I am particularly a big fan of the track — I think it’s a bit slow at points, and I’m not sure about that melody. Honestly, I don’t care. I just enjoyed the fact that someone is still putting out music like this, that it’s still getting attention, and that the title is “You’ll Be OK”.

Tim: Yes. Yes, we will. Probably.