Gestört aber GeiL feat. Benne – Repeat

“Ooh, that’s nice.”

Tim: Struggling to find exciting tracks to feature, I eventually found myself browsing, of all places, the YouTube channel of Scooter’s record label.

Tom: KONTOR! Or “Office” in English, which doesn’t sound nearly as good. Maybe I’m losing something in translation.

Tim: Wasn’t necessarily expecting to find much, but…

Tom: Ooh, that’s nice.

Tim: Not half bad, is it? The titular Repeat is because that’s the button that the singer keeps pressing when he’s watching videos of him and the ex he’s singing this at – he just can’t let her go, and he’s wondering if she’s feeling as lonely as he is. A sad tale, but one that makes for a nice dance track.

Tom: You could say his iPod’s stuck on replay.

Tim: Decent vocal, and a fair melody (though towards the end it could be argued they’re taking the Repeat a bit too literally). Pre-chorus is arguably the highlight of it, dropping the beat down with him just singing over the base piano line and building up from there – and even though there’s not a huge amount going on in that instrumental chorus, I do particularly like those “ohh” noises.

Tom: When you teed this up saying “Scooter’s record label”, I assumed there was going to be a lot more OOMPH here. It’s a shame: lately we’ve been seeing tracks with excellent production but poor melodies, and this time it’s the other way around. Lovely melody; just not enough backing it up.

Tim: It’s pleasant. It wouldn’t have me charging my way through a crowd to the dance floor, but it’s pleasant.