MNEK feat. Hailee Steinfeld – Colour

“It’d be a really, really sweet thing to say to someone.”

Tom: I read that as “Seinfeld”.

Tim: Well that’d certainly be an interest guest vocalist, but alas not. Here, I pressed play and immediately wondered why it sounded so incredibly familiar.

Tom: That sounds so familiar! Not all of it — just that first bit of the chorus, the combination of the synth in the background and the melody of the main vocal line. “Before you came into my life”. Where have I heard that before?

Tim: Well, I left it, couldn’t work it out. Ten minutes later, I realised I was absent-mindedly singing my favourite ever misheard lyric in my head.

Tom: HA! I can’t believe neither of us picked up on that when we first talked about that track. I think I was actually hearing some elements of “Feel This Moment” in there — it’s using the same sort of chord progression as “Take On Me” with a different main line. But, sure, yes, it’s also about Danny’s dick.

Tim: Thing is, as long as I can move on from that similarity, that’s a lovely song. Not so much the bit where she sings a rainbow, mind, but in terms of the lyrics it’s absolutely delightful.

Tom: Has putting nursery rhymes into pop songs ever worked? Looking at you, Minaj.

Tim: Yeah, that was…hmm. Not sure who signed off on that one, but let’s try to forget it, and move back swiftly to this. It’d be a really, really sweet thing to say to someone, and for me it doesn’t come across as too twee or mawkish, because the music behind it is fresh and modern. If it was in a soppy ballad then I might have problems with it, but like it is, it just sounds…nice.

Tom: You’re not wrong — it’s a really lovely track.

Tim: Just…aargh, got to go back to that penis.