HAMMENFORS – Thinking About

“Twee? Smug? Self-satisfied? Probably yes to all of those, but I don’t care.”

Tim: Appeared on Sweden’s single series of The X Factor in 2012; didn’t get anywhere with that so went into producing and writing. Now, dropping his first name of Johan, he’s out with a solo track. And boy, I hope you’re feeling chirpy.

Tom: A whistling introduction is a move that’s either extremely confident or extremely foolhardy. But it somehow seems to have paid off here? This is really quite charming.

Tim: And that reminds me a LOT of some good Mika tracks from a decade ago – the happy ones, that is, rather than the depressing but utterly fantastic Happy Endings. It’s most obvious in the “I can be, I can be, I can be” rising line, straight out of Grace Kelly.

Tom: Yes! Mika’s what this reminds me of: it’s got that almost aggressively chipper tone to it. A full album would be too much, but a song? Yes, this is lovely, and it’s right back to… [checks Google] … eleven years ago.

Eleven years, Tim.

Tim: Eleven indeed, blimey. There’s a reason Mika was so successful back then – it was a happier time, the country was good, everybody was cheerful, and look at me romanticising the past. This song fits right with that – thinking about all the good stuff: sunshine, friends, rooftops (really?), sex, moonlight, us, Paris, love. Mostly positive things, and a damn cheerful song to match.

Tom: A special shoutout to that rising sample in the background that could be synth or distorted vocal. I thought I’d get tired of it, but I didn’t, despite it being so…

Tim: Twee? Smug? Self-satisfied? Probably yes to all of those, but I don’t care. Because I’m thinking about sunshine, friends, love and I’m whistling and ALL HAPPY.