Lvndscape x John Adams – I’m Like A Bird

“The PR bumf for this describes it as having a ‘sparkling drop’.”

Tom: Nelly Furtado’s original is twenty years old now. And I didn’t know what to expect from this: Spinnin’ Records are a dance label, after all, and the PR bumf for this describes it as having a ‘sparkling drop’.

Tim: Hmm. In that case I’ll press play and not read ahead, for fear of spoilers.

Tom: Well, that’s lovely, isn’t it?

Tim: Oh, it really is, yes. Not remotely what I expected, but yeah.

Tom: There’s a lot to be uncertain about, mind. I’m not sure about the fast vibrato on those vocals: it almost feels like the vocal line’s been sped up a lot. And the sooner we can get over this trend of artificially adding vinyl pops and scratches over tracks, the better: it was a cliché when Mike Flowers did it in 1995. Yes, that’s an obscure reference for you.

Tim: Honestly, Tom, I’ve learnt to expect nothing less.

Tom: And losing the “And baby all I need” lyrics is certainly a bold choice. I think it works after a while, but the absence is striking.

Tim: Yeah – certainly makes singing, or even humming, along a tad unsettling.

Tom: But still: this is a calm, fun cover that manages to have some dance-production elements in it. It nicely treads that line between novelty and familiarity. It’s the doldrums of January: I’ll take what I can get.