Jubël – On The Beach

“That is a bit unsettling.”

Tim: Here’s a thing I never knew: the massive 2000 hit O.T.B. (On The Beach) was a cover, ish, of a 1986 track by Chris Rea.

Tom: I had no idea. That is a bit unsettling; it’s like the first time I heard the song that Groove Armada sampled for At The River. Anyway! It’s a cover?

Tim: Yes, and so’s this.

Tim: Nice, that, isn’t it? I know we’ve discussed the concept of chilled house music multiple times–

Tom: Along with the fact that I don’t really like it.

Tim: –which is why I’d like to give me one last chance to justify it. Thing is, this precisely sums it up: nice music, with a strong but non-invasive beat, that you can listen to in the summer, as background music when you’re hanging around relaxing with some mates, in a park, maybe, or, well, on the beach.

Tom: Yes, fine, all right, I’ll grant that this is a solid mid-playlist bit of gentle party music. I’d say it’s actually better than the 2000 hit, which does tend to outstay its welcome somewhat.

Tim: Arguably due to the fact that there were basically no lyrics in that at all. Here we’ve got full vocal verses, bringing us a fully decent chilled house song. The sun’s strong, the drinks are flowing, this is playing nicely in the background, and everyone’s enjoying themselves. Not too much, mind, or at least, if they are then ideally they’ll have separated themselves from the rest of the group and blimey, I’ve gone wildly off topic here. Basically: sun, drink, friends, this. A good afternoon.