Klara & Jag – Poetic

“I did not expect ‘Mr Hemingway’ to be a reference in a pop song, let alone a Swedish one.”

Tim: We’ve all been there – sitting in a bar where a guy breaks away from his mates and comes over to you, spouting some deep nonsense and thinking it makes him sound clever and romantic but actually he just sound like a bit of a knob. Alright, maybe not all of us, but that’s who Kara & Jag are singing about.

Tom: I did not expect “Mr Hemingway” to be a reference in a pop song, let alone a Swedish one. But, sure, that works.

Tim: Very first things first: in my mind, this song has a great introduction. That single guitar line, with just that liiiittle bit of extra something underneath, was somehow enough to get me hooked, and then when that extra high part and brief vocal bit came in, we’re suddenly not far off yesterday, in the sense that this is just a great pop song. It’s structured perfectly, the melody and energy are all there, and it leaves absolutely nothing wanting.

Tom: I know we’ve established over the years that I’m significantly less easily impressed than you: but calling two songs in a row flawless? Come on. They’re good, they’re competent… but I “nothing wrong” doesn’t necessarily imply “everything right”. It’s okay! It’s reasonable! It’s pleasant! It’s just not spectacular.

Tim: Fair, I guess. The thing is, the formula we have can help you get a long way, but it all comes down to the variables – melody, backing, vocals and so on. And right here I think it has all those necessary parts sounding good together, and for me at least that all makes for one very good track.