Davai, Lovespeake – Broken Hearts

“Is it awful? Arguably, yes.”

Tim: This here has a high number of f-words and motherf-words, which’d normally put me off. Not with this, though, so headphones on if you’re in public and possibly put the lyric video in a background tab, and press play!

Tom: Who put that bassoon-fart-gone-wrong synth in the chorus? And decided to do a weird, brief vocal-sample-edit middle eight? For the second time, I’ve got more issues with the production here than I have with the actual track.

Tim: So, this is just the sort of song where there’s a roughly fifty-fifty chance of me liking it or hating it, depending on nothing in particularly beyond how I’m feeling when I press play. Is it awful? Arguably, yes. But does it have a surprisingly decent melody? Arguably, also yes.

Tom: And at least it’s only two and a half minutes long.

Tim: Well that’s that, yes, and so it’s really just a question of whether one outweighs the other, I guess, and right now I’m really quite in favour of it. Will I be tomorrow? Not a clue.