Maja Kristina – Idiot

“For every questionable bit, there’s a good part to match it.”

Tim: The first line of this song’s chorus reminds me of another one. I’m not sure which, but I think it’s by Imagine Dragons, and at first I though it was Believer but then it turned out it isn’t (though there are still similarities), but now I’ve hit play on too many songs to ever have an idea, so let’s just have a listen to this one.

Tim: Not bad, is it?

Tom: That introduction and first verse sounds like it’s from a Bond theme. In fact, I think that’s what you might be comparing it to, aside from Believer.

Tim: Hmm, maybe, but I don’t think so. Anyway, it’s her second track out, after last September’s No Fake Love, and I’m fairly sure it can be described an entirely serviceable piece of pop music. Production’s on point, vocal’s good, melody works well with its slight air of discordance and aggression.

Tom: Some very odd synth choices in there towards the end, particularly that ‘shaking-a-pot-of-yogurt’ sound in the first bit of the middle eight. But for every questionable bit, there’s a good part to match it, usually straight after.

Tim: I do wish I could remember what it reminds me of, mind, but ah, well. Hopefully, Maja’s output rate will increase and we’ll get a third track some time before January 2021, but if not, well, this’ll do in the meantime.