Saturday Reject: Malou Prytz – Ballerina

“It feels like they’re aiming for a Sia track and video and not quite getting there.”

Tim: So let’s go back to Sweden, and hear this one. Spoiler alert: writing credits include Thomas G:Son (whose work we all know and adore) and Peter Borström (whose work includes Loreen’s Euphoria, Eric Saade’s Manboy & Popular, and the phemonemal We Own The Universe, which you may have forgotten so do yourself a favour and listen again).

Tom: All right, that’s a decent back catalogue, which means my expectations are going to be high.

Tim: Takes a while to get really good, but when it does it gets really, really good, doesn’t it?

Tom: …no?

Tim: Oh.

Tom: It gets okay? I’m not convinced by this. “Ballerina / dark arena” is so clunky that I think that it’d get consigned to the bottom half of the table based on that alone.

Tim: Yeah, but the rest: the choruses are good enough, mind, and in a lot of songs I’d be happy enough if that was the level of the best part. But here, oh, we’re just getting started, and that closing chorus truly is a special moment – though that might just be because it’s a relief to be out of the creepy looking middle eight.

Tom: I’m fairly sure that middle-eight vocoder wouldn’t be allowed in the actual Contest — and I’m not convinced by those staccato hand movements, either. It feels like they’re aiming for a Sia track and video and not quite getting there.

Tim: Hmmmmm…maybe, though I’d say that’s a tad harsh. I get what’s meant to be ballet-style dancing, though it comes across as ballet on speed. And I’m really not sure those outfits work, bringing to mind more Maria von Trapp than anything fancy.

Still, top notch song, with an appalling injustice in it not getting to the final – more votes than its opponent, but knocked out due to demographic weighting. Disgraceful.

Tom: Sadly justified.

Malou Prytz – If It Ain’t Love

“There’s very little to dislike about that, is there?”

Tim: It is DECEMBER and thus CHRISTMAS but since you’re you, Tom, we won’t get into that brilliant new Saara Aalto track that was written by Kylie, and instead we’ll have this, a track that could entirely feasibly come out at any point of the year. How dull.

Tom: Fine. FINE OKAY SEND THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC TOMORROW. You know what, everything else is so dark this year, if you want to start Christmas early and run it for as long as possible, let’s just go for it. Until tomorrow, though.

Tim: And let’s be frank, there’s very little to dislike about that, is there?

Tom: You’re right. Although I think you’re also right in the introduction; you didn’t say “it’s a bit generic”, but you certainly implied it.

Tim: Verses are good, getting the song going and not being dull while doing it; chorus comes in with a great pounding sound to really wake us all up and get going. If there’s anything I’m not keen on, it’s the ending – just seems a bit brutal and abrupt. Aside from that, though – absolutely fine.

Tom: See you tomorrow, then, for something more… festive.