Saturday Flashback: Michelle – Es gibt dich

“A textbook example of a builder.”

Tim: I have no idea where I found this, but I was finally getting round to clearing up my 40+ Safari tabs when I re-found it, and I think it stands up.

Tom: This is the first time in a while that I’ve thought “wow, that’s a voice”. Those first lines, almost isolated, really show off her vocal quality.

Tim: It is, really, a textbook example of a builder. Middle eight aside, there isn’t a single component that isn’t a slightly increased version of what came before – hell, sometimes it increases midway through the verses.

Tom: It almost feels like the producers and engineers were having some fun with this one. I checked the waveform in an audio editor, and it literally increases in volume like someone’s steadily turning up a dial.

Tim: And when we come back from that middle eight, OH, I was absolutely not expecting it, but in hindsight it’s a perfect closing chorus. It’s a lovely song – nothing big or huge, but just really, really nice to listen to. And I like that in a song.

Michelle & Matthias Reim – Nicht verdient

“BANGER. Or, if we’re being honest, BANGER AND A HALF.”

Tim: Advance notice for our reader: tomorrow’s flashback is a PROPER TUNE and I was having trouble finding anything from the standard Scandinavian area that didn’t sound complete bobbins in comparison. So, I turned to Germany, and, well:

Tom: Ha! That is the most schlagery first verse I’ve heard in a while. Possibly since the last time we talked about Matthias Reim. And happily, the first verse led exactly where I expected.

Tim: BANGER. Or, if we’re being honest, BANGER AND A HALF, from two people who, despite the ambiguous crediting, aren’t actually siblings.

Tom: I know it’d be terrible if all songs were like this, Tim, but sometimes I can’t help feeling that pop music peaked with this genre.

Tim: It is a fantastic genre, isn’t it? Lyrics are basically that he/she doesn’t deserve you, so get with me because I totally do deserve you. I don’t *think* they’re singing at each other, because with that enthusiasm you’d think they’d hear each other, bin off their currents and mash their faces together.

Tom: Perhaps that growled “Baby komm zurück!” that leads out of the middle eight put her off a bit. Honestly, that nearly gets into Bloke From Aqua territory.

Tim: René, and I suppose that’s a possibility. Maybe they’re both singing at the same person, who’s simultaneously with two other people, with them trying to break up one threesome to form another? Or, and here’s a crazy thought, maybe some lyrics don’t really work as duets. Of course, all that only matters if you try to put way too much effort into analysing them, and who on Earth would possibly do that? Nope, let’s DANCE and DANCE and DANCE AGAIN. Because that, I think, is really the true message of this song.