Saturday Reject: BLGN & Mirex – Champion

“Doing his best Rag’n’Bone Man impression.”

Tim: It struck me the other day that we’ve only one week left to go until the big day, yet as far as rejects go we’ve barely set foot outside Scandinavia. Here’s Belarus’s very, very close runner-up, doing his finest Rag’n’Bone Man impression.

Tim: Now, you might’ve thought that with that intro I’d be mocking him, or accusing him of being unoriginal, but no, not at all: I think this is a genuinely great song, in a style that works very well when it’s done properly.

Tom: You’re not wrong. That’s a bold style to choose: if you miss one note or if you slur your words, you’re going to end up being all Shooting Stars Club Singer. He gets close sometimes, but I can see why you think it’s a good choice.

Tim: And here, it really is. I don’t want to speak for Mr Bone Man–

Tom: “Rag’nā€™” to his friends.

Tim: — but if he were to announce this as the first single off his next album, I’d be looking forward to it. It’s got power, it’s got a strong message, it’s got a good hook, it’s got what a Big Song needs. Belarus’s entry this year is fairly decent – but I’m surprised the juries preferred it to this.