MØ – When I Was Young

“This has quite the post-chorus, so listen out for that.”

Tim: New one off MØ, and it’s winter outside, and winter in the video, so let’s naturally set out getting a teensy bit tropical. And this has quite the post-chorus, so listen out for that.

Tim: And that’s a song.

Tom: A ringing endorsement, there. It starts out like almost it’s trying to be a Bond theme, decides not to for the chorus, and then goes somewhere else that’s both interesting and — to me, at least — a bit disappointing.

Tim: I like it, I think – or at least, having listened to it a few times now to write this I’m at least on board with it. That post-chorus did take me a bit by surprise, which I think was what prompted the repeated listens – it’s a while since we’ve a prominent brass line in a dance track, or at least one that I can think of, and it certainly works as a USP for this.

Tom: It’s… well, it’s not bad, I suppose? It’s not that I actively dislike it, I just can’t find anything to particularly like. Like you said, it has a USP at least.

Tim: Definitely more than the video, anyway, which is probably trying to have some sort of narrative but which really comes across as just a tad weird. But it’s mostly okay.

MØ – Final Song


Tom: Danish, if you’re wondering.

Tim: Yes! And YES to a bit of tropical house at the end of the week. COCONUTS OUT PEOPLE.

Tom: Made a couple of “featured” appearances in the char– BLOODY HELL. Sorry, just as I was typing that introduction, the beat kicked in.

Tom: See, I was going to complain about that verse being too damn calm, but if it wasn’t, I bet I wouldn’t have gotten the effect from that percussion. That is aggressive percussion.

Tim: It really is, but to be honest I wasn’t even having a problem with the verses – not great for a dance banger, sure, not not out of place on e.g. a nice tropical house calm point.

Tom: I mean, it’s perhaps a bit too Kygo in places, but I really enjoy it. It just goes for it, and it doesn’t make any apologies.

Tim: Rightly so. Do we know what’s happened to the share prices of e.g. Lilt or Oasis in the past twelve months? They must have shot through the roof.

Tom: By the way, those hovering stunts in the video: I know they’re probably just doing really simple keying and wire removal on them, but there’s something about the speed-ramps and angles that makes that seem really impressive. Is… is that a metaphor for the song?

Tim: Hmm…I’m going to say: no idea. Probably just a bit of fun. That would definitely fit with the song.