Moment – Beat Again

“I regret to inform you that no-one has done a JLS cover.”

Tom: Is it a JLS cover? Go on, tell me someone did a JLS cover.

Tim: I regret to inform you that no-one (or at least, not this Swedish band) has done a JLS cover. Advance warning, though: this has really quite boring verses. Forty seconds in, though, you won’t regret keeping with it. I promise.

Tom: Those verses aren’t just boring, they’re “George Ezra album track” boring. (Actually, that’s probably too harsh: I quite like that second verse, with its steady build.)

Tim: And aside from the ‘can our hearts’ having the exact same melody as part of the chorus from Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One, that chorus and middle eight are for me pretty much flawless. Energy, production, vocal power, all there, and I challenge anyone to state otherwise.

Tom: I have an issue with the production, or at least the mastering that got it onto YouTube. There’s a lot of guitar work that’s being lost in the mix there, and all the instruments seem to be arguing with each other. When the backing harmonies come in, it starts to sound just very, very slightly like white noise in places. This needs either a bit of simplification, or someone who can do a proper Wall of Sound mix on it.

You’re right about the chorus, though.

Tim: Yes, and fortunately, those parts make up most of the song, so part of me is willing to forgive those verses. On the other hand, they really are very boring, so I might just go and listen to Shania Twain.

Moment – All This Time

“Well, that’s a pretty dull first v– oh.”

Tim: We featured their last tune about a month back and both enjoyed it; they’ve now pointed us in the direction of this, their new one.

Tom: Well, that’s a pretty dull first v– oh.

Tim: Yes indeed, and I will absolutely take that. Verses don’t do anything for me, same as you, but I’m guessing they’re not meant to – all about that chorus, and what an instrumental it is in the second part of it.

Tom: You can’t hang an entire song on just a chorus — well, okay, you can, but it has to be absolutely spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, though, this is a good chorus.

Tim: Proper banging, proper dancey, and there’s not a lot more to say about it. Two good tracks in two months, and that’s a good rate as far as I’m concerned. Though still, wouldn’t mind a bit more in those verses.

Moment – Indigo

“The intro on this… completely restored my faith in music.”

Tim: I don’t know if I’m in a bit of a funk at the moment, Tom, because I’ve listened to a good half dozen new tracks today and not a single one has done anything for me. The intro on this, however, completely restored my faith in music, so have a listen.

Tom: Restored your faith in music? That’s quite a…

Tom: …yep, okay, that’s fair.

Tim: A classic? No. But something that’ll get me sitting up and somewhat enthusiastic after a long day? Yeah, it’ll fit the bill for that nicely. It reminds me of a track that Bright Light Bright Light might come out with (or possibly did come out with, as some of it is a tad recognisable), and that’s certainly never a bad thing.

Tom: I was thinking more Miike Snow: those synths, and that wall-of-sound-esque style. Both are good comparisons to make.

Tim: I was slightly worried by those verses, that it might suddenly have lost its energy never to return, but of course it hadn’t. That chorus brought that sound back just as big and strong as before, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Good work.