Next To Neon – Looking At You

“I hate what I’m about to do.”

Tim: Otherwise know as Rasmus Viberg, formerly a member of various bands but finally branching out with a solo career, and this here’s his debut. Clear?

Tom: That’s surprisingly catchy. I mean, it fails both my Good Pop Tests (I can’t remember the chorus after one listen, and I didn’t want to replay it) but there’s nothing actually wrong with it. It’s well-produced, and the vocal work’s great — pulling off falsetto like that isn’t easy.

Tim: It isn’t, and you’re right that it is a pretty good track, which is why I hate what I’m about to do: point out the lyrics. I don’t really want to spoil the song for people who, like me, just thought they were quite nice on first hearing, but after a couple of listens the repeated line “I’m only looking at you” does seem a bit…well, just creepy, really.

Tom: Huh. You’re not wrong.

Tim: I’m sure they were meant pleasantly, because they are until you overthink them, and to be honest I really wish I hadn’t done that, because otherwise it’s a lovely track – great synth work, good vocal, top melody. It’s just…aargh, I mean you’re basically inviting a restraining order with this.