Samir & Viktor – Odödlig

“Bring out the BRASS”

Tim: Bring out the BRASS, because Samir & Victor have gone ‘Immortal’.

Tom: In the comments, there are quite a few people accusing them of ripping off Daniel Adams-Ray’s Dum av Dig, a song I’ve not heard of. My brain immediately tried to place that three-note chorus as well, and ended up on Phil Collins’ One More Night, although I’m fairly sure I’ve heard a brass version of it somewhere.

None of those are even particularly close: it’s just that when you’ve got a three-word chorus, that’s a natural rhythm to use.

Tim: Summer’s here, last summer was great, and now we’re feeling bloody brilliant and ready to do it all over again, is the basic message of this, and. well, why not really? Energetic, as we’d expect. Triumphant, as we’d expect. A mostly shouty chorus, as we’d expect, though there is a pleasing amount of melody in there.

Tom: I’m always glad when you send me the studio track from these two. Like Jedward, the enthusiasm’s there when they’re performing live, but the vocals might not always be. Shouty choruses fit this pair.

Tim: All in all, a fun track, heralding the arrival of summer. JOYFUL, he writes, as he stares out of his window at a largely grey sky. Ehh, can’t have everything.

Samir & Viktor feat. Anis Don Demina – Put Your Hands Up For Sverige

Tim: Just in time for the World Cup, a patriotic number from the the duo.

Tom: And just in case our reader doesn’t remember them: they’re basically Sweden’s Jedward.

Tim: Prepare for chanting, loud noises, and an accordion.

Tim: And isn’t that fun? I had something of a rollercoaster in terms of my feelings for that one – fun to start with, gradually declining throughout getting slightly bored with the verse, but then having a massive grin on my face when the whole crowd chanting came along.

Tom: Yes! Exactly that!

Tim: Hooray!

Tom: Except for the massive grin, I just got the steadily declining bit. Huh. Probably shouldn’t have started this quite so excited, really.

Tim: Oh. Well for me it’s up and down in varying amounts beyond that, but overall it’s nice to bit of general patriotism. If you’re wondering if there’s anything in particular they’re excited about, the answer’s not really: the main message is that it’s great because the people are great, everyone’s nice to each other, singing and dancing happens everywhere and basically there’s just no country better.

Tom: I mean, we haven’t even got a World Cup song this year, so I can’t really argue, but I can’t see this becoming another Three Lions. But who knows? Maybe they’ll be singing this in the terraces in Stockholm in ten years’ time. (They won’t be.)

Tim: Well, you’re probably right. Nonetheless (and I imagine that I’m probably failing in my patriotic duty as a Brit here), I quite like this.