Saturday Reject: Sannie – Boys On Girls

“It’s Whigfield! With some incredibly distracting dancers!”

Tim: It’s Whigfield! With some incredibly distracting dancers!

Tom: Wait, that actually is Whigfield! Singing… well, let’s just say that Damon Albarn might be wondering if he’s got a case about that chorus.

Tim: Ideally, in most cases, the singer’s the one we should be looking at – sure, sometimes there are exceptions, if they’re really there to make something of the choreography. But here, although I’m certain they’re not meant to be so distracting – there’s that one guy, front and centre when they’re all sitting down, standing directly behind her in that second chorus, and taking attention on the right at the close. I don’t know why (no, it’s not because of that), but he seems to steal it every time he’s there. Just me?

Tom: Just you, mate. But the fact you haven’t written a word about the (sadly, fairly dull) song says a lot.

Sannie – How Long

“I can see why she chose different branding”

Tim: Well here’s fun – new artist, or rather a new name. Full name is Sannie Charlotte Carlson, aka only bloody Whigfield.

Tom: WHAT? Really?! Okay, I am immediately excited for this.

Tim: And…well, I can see why she chose different branding, because that’d be a decidedly low-key track to come from Whigfield.

Tom: Hmm. I’m not sure about low-key. It’s not bubblegum pop, I’ll grant you, but let’s be honest, Saturday Night wasn’t exactly the most exciting track to ever come along. It was — and I realise this is sacrilege — actually a bit repetitive and dull too.

Tim: Repetitive, yes, but dull? Hell no. Much as I love her for her work on Saturday Night and Last Christmas, I can’t help but think that this really is just, yeah, dull.

Tom: You forgot Big Time, but yes: it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Tim: It does absolutely nothing for me – do you get anything from it?

Tom: To my surprise, I do. But I suspect most of that is down to the production, at least for this radio edit: it’s exciting enough to keep me interested, and that middle eight’s lovely. That said: you could put pretty much any session vocalist in her place there and it’d be much the same track. A decent mid-setlist track, but it’s not going to get anyone on the floor.