Serlina – Puste Under Vann

“Hey, it’s an Alan Walker track!”

Tim: Hey, it’s an Alan Walker track!

Tom: It took me a while to realise why you said it, but yes, that’s an Alan Walker track.

Tim: And with it, I’ve realised exactly what tiny single component it is that makes me associate a track with him – yes, you’ve got the slightly disconcerting dipping of the synths for every other drumbeat, but more specifically than that: it’s that synthy beep noise instead of the expected piano in the post-chorus.

Tom: It’s worth noting that the second line of synths, though, under that main melody, are more like something you’d find in an early-2000s eurodance track. That’s pleasingly retro, as far as I’m concerned.

Tim: During the verses and vocal part of the chorus, where you’ve got your standard piano, it’s a good, pleasingly non-tropical piece of dance music, and you’re right, almost retro. It’s a standard sound, but it’s a good variant of a standard sound.

Tom: Yep, it’s by-the-numbers, but they’re good numbers Brent.

Tim: Excellent meme appropriation there, good work.

Tom: And now I feel like I’ve done a bad thing.

Tim: Oh, and now I feel bad as well, I’m sorry.

Tom: Anyway, yes, most of it’s standard.

Tim: Hit the second part of the chorus, though, bring that beep in, and suddenly there it is. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, as it’s a sound that I like, and unlike Kygo’s tropical sound hasn’t yet been appropriated by what feels like 80% of all pop music that has ever existed. It’s a good track, and for now I enjoy it. Just, you might want to check in with me three years from now.