Steve Grand – Stay

“It’s nice to see songs that will annoy the less progressive parts of American society.”

Tim: Steve Grand made a slight wave in America back in July when he brought out his first track, All-American Boy, with its video portraying the tale of a gay guy with a crush on his straight best mate, and was hailed as the country’s first openly gay country music star.

Tom: It’s worth looking on Wikipedia for some of the dissenting opinions there, but yes: it’s nice to see songs that are, let’s be honest, going to annoy the less progressive parts of American society.

Tim: This, his second single, doesn’t bother with any unrequitedness.

Tim: On one hand, I am not a country music fan. As far as I’m concerned, you can keep your dungarees, checked shirts and hay bales far away from me, and you can stick your banjo right where the sun don’t shine.

Tom: I’ll let that line just sit there, shall I?

Tim: If you like. On the other hand, I love a good summery party track, which this definitely is, and that is the side I’m falling down on for this track. It’s great, and even at five minutes it’s not outstaying its welcome even slightly. It’s brilliant.

Tom: It did go on a bit for me: I reckon it’s an excellent three-minute track stretched a bit too far. And while it won’t be making it onto my regular playlist, I’m glad it exists.