SuRie – Storm

“Last night Britain voted, and right here is our entry for Eurovision 2018.”

Tim: So, last night Britain voted, and right here is our entry for Eurovision 2018. It’s…

Tim: …a good track!

Tom: And not a Eurovision winner! I mean, it’d probably make it through the semi-finals if we had to go through them, but this isn’t going to win anything.

Tim: Well, positive bits first: it’s danceable, she’s got a great voice, and I could, honestly, if this was put out by a major label, see it being at least B-listed on Radio 1.

Tom: Really? I’ll agree with the voice, but the song is… I mean, it’s something a low-level Kontor-esque company would put out if they couldn’t hire a really good songwriter. Nothing wrong with it, just nothing right either.

Tim: I think you’re being way too harsh on it, there – the way I see it, it’s a female-fronted Avicii track (quite literally, in the case of the first line, which just sounds weird) Except, that’s kind of the problem. It’s…well, generic is the wrong word, because that has negative connotations, but it’s nothing really that hasn’t been heard before. At Eurovision, that’s a hell of a risk, because people so often want to hear something new and interesting.

Tom: It needs to stand out from the crowd while also being an exceptionally good song. This, sadly, has neither of those qualities.

Tim: I really don’t want to finish on a negative, because there’s a lot to like about this. As a regular track, I can’t really fault it, and I’d love to be proved wrong about what we’re saying. Absolutely love to be. So…here’s hoping?

Tom: All I’m saying is, I’m not betting on it.