Swedish Angels feat. Charlie King – Swedish Angel

The main lyric reminds me of school assembly.

Tim: Two DJs make up this new dance duo, named Denise Lopez and Jennifer Love.

Tom: Hey, does that…

Tim: No. The title’s probably not as imaginative as it could be, but anyway, here it is.

Tim: The main lyric reminds me of being six and singing this in school assembly, complete with hand movements if I recall correctly; that was fun.

Tom: Well, thank you for that flashback – it did result in me trying to sing the lyrics to that over the top of this track, which sadly doesn’t work all that well.

Tim: Yeah, I tried that as well, but gave up after a while. Um. What else? Not sure, really. This is a good tune, though, and the vocal fits well, with plenty of energy.

Tom: It is pretty much your bog-standard dance track, aside from the occasional religious song flashback for British kids.

Tim: There’s nothing hugely memorable about it – a few months from now we’ll probably be reviewing another track and thinking ‘ooh, it reminds me of, um, oh, what was it called?’ – but it’ll fit very well in many DJs’ sets, and I’m sure there’ll be a nice place for it somewhere around the middle of a few 2011 dance compilation CDs.