Hedband & Thorisson – One Night

Tim: An Icelandic duo and an Icelandic soloist, teaming for a rather lovely dancey track.

Tom: Well, that was a promising introduction, pointing the way to a good chorus with… well, with a saxophone. I’m not sure about that saxophone.

Tim: And there I think lovely is the right word – it sounds good, it’s got a great melody and vocals, fun message we can all relate to, and the saxophone coming occasionally adds a somewhat novelty part.

Tom: Novelty! That’s the right term. I’m not sure that’s a compliment for a… hm. Dance track, I guess, technically?

Tim: Except: it doesn’t really make me want to dance – in fact, it’s not even really got my head going side to side. And that’s a real shame, because with it being so nice and pleasant, I really want to like it. And I kind of do, but it’s basically entirely failing to do what it should do. So I mostly don’t. Hmm.